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CLEAN ENERGY CAPITAL "CEC" is a Singapore & Melbourne  based Independent Corporate advisory with experience in a broad range of industries worldwide.

CEC, which was founded in Australia (2008) and Singapore (2018) to bring together the collective expertise and experience of its 3 Principals, operates with core objectives of:

  • Integrity, confidentiality, and sincerity,

  • Trust and respect, and

  • Adherence to internationally accepted ESG and Sustainability principles.

CEC’s Principals have a broad range of international industry expertise and experience, including:

  • Diverse and complimentary technological, management and financial expertise,

  • Strong connections with early-stage companies, governmental agencies and Universities, and

  • A novel business model for connecting investment funds to sector-specific deal portfolios thereby increasing efficiency and reducing funding risks.

CEC works worldwide with a range of other Advisors that compliment its internal expertise.

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